Work at Home

Technology has certainly transformed our world. There's no doubt about it; everything we do and see every day is powered by technology. Every company, medical office, restaurant, sports arena, and home are all powered by the Internet. There is no greater competency in the world today than being online.

Working from home is becoming the thing to do. Where once companies allowed you to take work home to work on it, now all you need is your laptop or computer to be logged in to your company's information systems. You can be checking or sending email, updating spreadsheets or working on whatever it is you do, right from the comfort of your couch.

When you work on your computer, you don't have to be 'in the office' any longer. That type of work can be done anywhere, and you have the ability to print, upload, download and save your work from wherever you are.

Working from home is a phenomenon unlike any other

The good news is there is an increasing demand for stay-at-home workers. There will always be people who swear by those 40 hours in the office. But, there is another side to the coin; working from home is now being sought out by more employees and for a very good reason. They are actually more productive at home.

Working from home or telecommuting, as it's known, are becoming more common. And that's good news for everyone. No matter who you are, your gender, your age, your location, you can now work for a company that values you just as much as if you were sitting in the office.

Why is that? Here are a few reasons:

  • Mobile Devices. There doesn't seem to be a person on the planet who doesn't have a smartphone or some type of mobile device. Everyplace you go, people are immersed in their phones or tablets. Quite often it's work-related; emails come through while you're having dinner or at a show and you have to respond in a timely fashion. Even when you are working from home, you don't mind those messages you get at odd hours of the day. With working at home, you've learned how to balance your home-work lifestyle.
  • Videoconferencing Technology. Even when employees are not in the office, everyone can be brought together for meetings through videoconferencing. Now there is no excuse for missing a meeting and these often lead to increased production. You never have to worry about being late because you were stuck in traffic or the train didn't come. This one technology has led to the explosion of telecommuting.
  • Apps. There is a new generation of tech tools which help anyone who is working from home. Now, 38% of U.S. employers allow some employees to work remotely on a regular basis. Just four short years ago, U.S. workers had some kind of remote work available to them through their jobs. That was an increase of over 100% since 2005.

Working from home is the wave of the future. No matter what field you are interested in, healthcare, computer/IT, finance, sales, education/training, state and local government, travel/hospitality, accountant, writer, program manager, nurse, developer, analyst, or any other job, chances are you will have the opportunities to work remotely.

What does working from home mean for your future?

Remote work is growing every day and now is the time to seek out work at home positions. Companies all over the world are connecting people like you with work-related job projects. Some provide a general marketplace and others focus in on niche-related services.

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