The world of today is vastly different from even 15 years ago. Being online then was good, but now you can do just about anything from the convenience of home. That includes getting an online degree as a means of boosting your education. At Job Lizard we are here to help you get a great start in life!

Just think about the job opportunities available. Who ever heard of obtaining an online degree in finance, business management, human resources, marketing, cyber security, information systems and so many others that are now needed in an online world? But, there they are, and in order to have a successful future the key to whatever field you are interested in is to get educated.

We at Job Lizard know how important it is to get a higher education; and you can go the traditional college route or do something very different, like take continuing education through online schools. There are many to choose from.

If you're still not convinced, here are 4 benefits of continuing education:


Do you want a good paying job? The only way to achieve this is through higher education. Going beyond your high school years and getting a degree of one kind or another, significantly increases your chances at getting the higher paying jobs.

Studying at a post-high school level not only gives you the education you need to succeed in life, but it establishes skills along the way. You will become better at

  • Communicating
  • Writing
  • Research
  • Self-discipline
  • Reading
  • Computer skills

all from your years of higher learning.

Keeping Pace With New Industry Trends

The world is a very different place than it was 50 years ago, and if you don't have the skills necessary to be successful in it, you may find yourself flipping hamburgers for the rest of your life. That's not a career, that's a filler for what is coming. As the world changes, it is vital for you to keep up with what's new.

There may not be degrees that matter anymore or ones which seem to box you into a corner and keep you there. The more valuable your skills are to the marketplace, the more valuable you will be seen by hiring managers as they seek to place people in jobs who have current knowledge in their respective fields. Continuing education ensures that you have the knowledge people are looking for, not yesterday's wisdom.


Everyone knows the more skilled you are at a job, the better pay you receive. There is never a disadvantage to going to college or pursuing additional credits for certifications at higher levels. People with a degree earn about $40,000 per year, and its even higher for a Master's degree.

With all of today's technology, there is always room for learning. Yes, you can get lucky and make millions without higher learning; those people are few and far between. If you are looking for a higher salary, then it's up to you to take those continuing education courses. It will boost your income and your opportunities, all at the same time.

New Look of Education

Today, you can work from anywhere. At Job Lizard we have several online continuing education programs that are perfect for you. Because these days there is so much more to 'going to work' that you can do at home or on the go. For many people, there is no such thing as '9 to 5.'

Continuing education is the key to a good life. Everything from cybersecurity pros, big data, e-commerce specialists, Iot jobs, network administrators, to hardware engineers and so many more, there are opportunities everywhere you look.

Get the continuing education you need to take advantage of the big paychecks. It's easier than you think!